Lincoln Longwool Sheep

A century ago this County breed of sheep would be seen throughout Lincolnshire. A large framed docile animal, it has a very long staple fleece and in the Victorian era was exported around the world.

Sadly, in the last century, numbers fell drastically to the point where it was endangered and it was listed as a 'rare breed.

Did you know Lincolnshire is one County which had its own breed of cattle (Lincoln Red), sheep (Lincoln Longwool) and pig (Lincoln curlycoat)?

Our firm is proud to be the appointed auctioneers for the Lincoln Longwool Sheep Breeders Association. The annual show and sale for the society takes place at the Heckington show at the end of July. This gives breeders the opportunity to broaden their pedigree blood.

For further information contact our Auction Department or the Lincoln Longwool Sheep Breeders Association - secretary 07508 615324.

We welcome your support in whatever capacity, vendors and buyers, or why not come along simply to have a look at what we do. We are constantly looking for new sponsors for this event – please contact our Auction department for further details.