The Sellers Guide to Coronoavirus Safe Property Viewings

  • Full & Virtual Viewings Available!

    Full & Virtual Viewings Available!

We have a huge backlog of viewing requests from the lockdown period that are being processed, in addition to new requests that are flooding in now the market has been opened – It's very busy! We thank you for your patience.

As a consequence of the government’s new safety guidance for property viewings, arranging and conducting a viewing of your property now takes considerably more time and effort for you and our team. As a consequence, the quickest way for us to initiate a viewing is by you the seller, conducting the full viewing of your own home with the buyer under guidance from our sales team.

If you are in an ‘at-risk group’ we would advise consideration is given to postponing viewings of your home until government guidance says it is safe to do so. We can register a buyer’s interest and requests for a full viewing of your home, and arrange this for when it is safe at a later date. Buyers are being very understanding patient. 

There are also additional viewing options we can offer you to stimulate buyer’s interest in your property whilst full viewing arrangements are made now, or in the future.

  1. A ‘Virtual Viewing’ – We prepare a video of the property which is posted on Rightmove and other portals,, or the link to the video can be emailed directly to buyers.
  2. A ‘Live Virtual Viewing’ – With your smartphone, you provide a buyer with a live video walk around viewing of your home using FaceTime or WhatsApp. There are certain Data Protection Act requirements that may need to be met with this option.

Contact us for more information as regards conducting  Virtual Viewings.

Conducting a ‘Full Viewing’ with a buyer

On the confirmation of an appointment, you will receive the following guidance.

In order to help fight the spread of coronavirus and to ensure the viewing is conducted safely all our sellers we will be requested to follow the safety procedures listed below, which are in accordance with the current government guidance for full property viewings.

  • If you have children we recommend that they remain outside during the viewing.
  • Ensure that door handles and surfaces have been wiped down prior to and following the viewing.
  • Open all doors and all windows prior to the viewing.
  • Ensure that you remain 2 metres apart from the viewer at all times (socially distant).
  • Answer any questions following the viewings outside in your garden.
  • We recommend that you wear a face mask during the viewing if possible.
  • If you or a member of your household show any symptoms for coronavirus prior to the viewing appointment please notify us immediately so that it can be postponed. It can be re-arranged 7 or 14 days later as appropriate.
  • We will request that a maximum of two people can attend the viewing at your home and that where possible children do not attend.

Please do not hesitate in contacting us directly for further information as regards the conduct of viewings as required.

The Robert Bell & Company Team


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