Stockwith Mill

Historic Stockwith Mill on the Harrington Road near Hagworthingham has just come on to the market for sale through Robert Bell & Company.

An extract from “Tennyson Land” published over 100 years ago records it as “the scene of Tennyson’s homely and touching poem “The Millers Daughter”, which so impressed Queen Victoria that she was constrained, in spite of some opposition, to confer the Laureateship on its author.  It is a captivating spot, well situated to vividly recall the scenes so sweetly portrayed…………….

Tennyson’s birthplace at Somersby was just two miles further upstream along “The Brook”, the River Lymn, which Stockwith Mill adjoins.

In recent years the Mill has been a teahouse and it is situated at the southern end of the unspoilt Lincolnshire Wolds.

It comes for sale with over 50 acres of river, grassland, ponds and woods at a price guide of offers in the region of £895,000.  Illustrated particulars are on the website. 


TENNYSON: Extract from “The Millers Daughter” 1833

I loved the brimming wave that swam

Throu’ quiet meadows round the mill,

The sleepy pool above the dam,

The pool beneath it never still,

The meal sacks on the whiten’d floor,

The dark round of the dripping wheel,

The very air about the door

Made misty with the floating meal”


“Arise and let us wander forth,

To yon old mill across the wolds;

For look, the sunset, south and north,

Winds all the vale in rosy folds,

And fires your narrow casement glass,

Touching the sullen pool below;

On the chalk-hill the bearded grass

Is dry and dewless.  Let us go.”


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