Robert Bell & Company Historical Lincolnshire Property Valuation Archive 1871 - 1910

  • Early Victorian Rent Day! - How things have changed, or have they?

    Early Victorian Rent Day! - How things have changed, or have they?

  • The Valuers Secret Code!

    The Valuers Secret Code!

With over 217 years of continuous business under our belt at Robert Bell & Company, we have as a consequence accumulated a huge archive of historical records about a wide range of different styles of property and the property market in Lincolnshire from over the centuries.

We are delighted to confirm that we have released as a downloadable spreadsheet (see right), the valuation archive for property valued by our company between 1871 and 1910' for a wide range of purposes including sale, tenantright, probate, inventory, letting and more.

This is a short summary of early valuation books still in our archives. These often record details of the subject matter, the parties, the location as well as other items of genealogical and historical interest.

Each valuer in those times would have their own code, generally using a ten letter word, such as Cumberland or Horncastle, where each letter is different and represents a different number. Thus using Cumberland, C =1, U =2, M=3, etc. Valuers could then compare notes in each other’s valuation books, without giving away their opinions of value. Our own firm’s code used hieroglyphics!

If further details or a copy of a valuation is required, please contact Robert Bell at the Horncastle office.


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