Residential Letting Newsletter as at March 2020

We wanted to write to you directly to let you know about the steps we are taking in continuing to service our clients and the community we have served for over 220 years. In these unprecedented times our thoughts go out to everyone affected by the measures put into place in order to contain the outbreak, and we want to assure you that we will as necessary, adjust our working practices to ensure the continued management and letting of your properties.

Please be advised that as a Company we have plans in place to ensure all our Landlords and Tenants are able to contact us and we have the facilities to continue with the Management of your property within Government Guidelines and also ensuring the safety of Landlords, Tenants, Staff and Traders alike

At this uncertain time with the Coronavirus the law is ever changing for both Landlords and Tenants and we would like to reassure all our Landlords that we will keep an eye on the situation and act accordingly using advice from the professional organisations we are part of.

At the time of preparing this Newsletter the Government have announced that Private and Social Tenants will be protected from eviction for three months in emergency legislation as part of a package of measures to tackle concerns relating to the virus and the affects this will have on the economy.

Should arrears or other issues arrive on a particular tenancy we intend to ask a tenant to advise on their specific circumstances, and equally make them appreciate the Landlords point of view. We will need to consider if they can pay some rent and then agree a plan for repayment over an agreed period of time.  This would be subject to your agreement as Landlord and throughout the process we would maintain dialogue with all parties.  We are of the opinion that most Tenants who have never been in arrears will only have to ask for rental delays and partial payments if they find themselves in genuine financial distress but equally will be mindful that this may not always be the case.

It maybe that the Government offer financial incentives/help to both Landlords and Tenants going forward and we will of course explore all options at the appropriate times.

If you have any queries or concerns please contact our Letting Team who will be pleased to assist you further on:-

Horncastle: - 01507 522222 – option 1, or Lincoln: - 01522 538888


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