It has been an interesting year in the Residential Letting Industry, we have had a number of law changes to consider and adapt to including:-

*The Tenants Fee Act 2019 – which came into effect on 1st June 2019 and details residential letting charges and the new rules on deposits, cleaning, pets for example.


*The Habitation Act - which came into effect in March 2019 and outlines how to measure whether a house is suitable for renting out and if there are any hazards present.


*Preparation is underway regarding the continued changes for EPC, (Energy Performance Certificate) Legislation Updates.  As at April 2020 a residential let property will need an EPC rating of E or above, unless it has been continually let before 1st October 2008. Currently this is only the case for properties being marketed To Let.  There are exemptions possible but the reasons for these are limited.


*There are potential changes afoot regarding the Section 21 Notice (the no fault eviction notice on a tenant) – it is thought likely the Section 8 Notice with specific grounds for eviction and the processes relating to this will be altered and this notice will need to be made more user friendly to counter balance the possible loss of the Section 21 Notice, we are monitoring matters and will act accordingly.


*It is also thought likely that it will become law to have the electrics checked on a five yearly rolling programme on a Residential Tenancy.  At present it is not law in the same way to have the electrics tested as it is gas, but it is considered not to be a defence in Court to say it is not law if anything should go wrong.  Currently the five yearly electrical check recommendation is detailed in the How to Rent Guide which is presented to the Tenant as a legal requirement on check-in.  It has been suggested that the electrical legal requirement will be put in place as soon as Parliamentary time allows so we await events.


Having regard to the above we have completed two successful Landlord Seminars, one in Woodhall Spa and one in Lincoln in association with Dexter and Sharp Accountants and Sills and Betteridge Solicitors accordingly.  At each event we were able to detail the current position of the above law changes, look at the legal and financial implications and advise on how we are keeping up to date with matters and ensuring you are aware of the changes.  It was lovely to see so many of you at these events.


With all the changes it highlights the importance of having our fully Managed Residential Letting Package.


We are delighted to announce that Ashely Kettell and Tracy Willis have joined our Letting Team.


Ashley is a Letting Negotiator at Horncastle and with a background in retail, customer service and management is an asset to our property team.


Tracy is an administrator at our Lincoln Office and those who attended our Landlord seminars will have seen her wonderful artwork on display.


We take the opportunity to wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.



Robert Bell and Company Residential Letting Team


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