Flypast Honour For Paddy & the Sibsey Lancaster Memorial Trust

  • The 2019 service

    The 2019 service

Taking place on Sunday 26th September, the Annual Service held by the Sibsey Lancaster Memorial Trust (chaired by our Senior Residential Lettings Negotiator Paddy Donnellan) will have a flypast provided by two spitfires from the Royal Air Force.

On January 29th 1943 the six man crew of the No 9 Squadron Lancaster aircraft - ED503 were killed when it crashed in the Lincolnshire Fen at Sibsey Northlands. No one knows why the aircraft suddenly lost height and crashed into the field creating a crater in the quicksand and subsoil.  It was impossible, despite pumping by the fire service to recover the crew or wreckage.  one crew member, Sgt Thomas Wishart , was thrown clear and is buried in Scotland.  The remaining crew members are buried where they fell.

After the War the families of the crew members paid for a Memorial to be placed on the site of the Crash.  The names of all six members are inscribed on the Memorial. It was built and consecrated in 1947.

  • Flight Lieutenant Robert Frood Lind RAF (VR) - Pilot
  • Pilot Officer Charles W H Cocks RAF (VR) - Bomb Aimer
  • Sergeant Donald A Brown RAF (VR) - Air Gunner
  • Sergeant John Doran RAF  - Flight Engineer
  • Sergeant Thomas Henry RAF (VR) - Wireless Operator
  • Sergeant Thomas Wishart RAF (VR) - Rear Gunner (buried in Scotland )

Routes to the Memorial in the Field will be signposted as you approach the area, and attendees are invited back to the Village Hall for refreshments after the event.

Pictures: Sibsey Lancaster Memorial Trust on Facebook


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