Country Estate Firewood Sale

The current low price of oil does not appear to have dampened demand for firewood and timber, as borne out by our recent auction, held in the heart of the Lincolnshire Wolds.

This annual sale was held, a little later than normal, at the South Ormsby Estate on Saturday 7th February. It is always a 'good honest sale' without reserve and with everyone paying on the day.

Over 50 heaps of firewood were sold from £45 - £150 per lot with an average of £80 per heap. Good quality ash was most in demand. Four trunks of beech made on average £75.

From the charming surroundings of Ormsby Back Park, the sale progressed to the neighbouring Somersby Estate, next to Tennyson's elm at Bag Enderby. Here, there were 29 lots of softwood poles averaging £58 per heap, 9 lots of hardwood averaging £57 per heap and 3 ash trunks which averaged £64.

It doesn't take long for the chainsaws to start devouring the purchases!


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