Lincoln’s Finest: Now It’s Official!

We always knew our lettings team were the best- but now they have the certificate to prove it!

The British Property Awards (2020-21) organisation have awarded the Robert Bell & Company Lettings team the title of "Gold Winner for Lettings Agent in Lincoln (East)", a tremedous accolade and testiment to the hard work of the department.

An immensly proud Sharon Kirk, head of Residential Lettings, has also issued reassurances to tenants and landlords as we continue in to 2021:

"We are pleased to say that despite the continuing issues with the Pandemic we are able to provide safe and efficient property lets for Landlords and Tenants alike. We continue to monitor the law changes anticipated (electrical reports, continued EPC- Energy Performance Certificates- for example) and the ever changing laws on notices and reviews due to Covid.

Our available stock can be viewed on our Website, and Rightmove and we would be pleased to discuss any queries thereafter.  We have tours for Tenants to view and comprehensive marketing particulars and associated photographs.

We continue to thank our clients for their support and wish everyone a safe a prosperous New Year."


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