An Agricultural Update

I’m sure you’re aware that the world of farming is changing, how this will play out is yet to be determined. At Robert Bell and Company we are keeping well-informed with the various proposals whether government grants and schemes or market developments in farming, natural capital and diversification. There is room for optimism and we would be pleased to discuss and advise on your own position.

Specific advice is not easy presently given we still await details but for now Robert Bell and Company can discuss and advise on your own business, utilising the property assets, comparative profitability of your enterprises and being prepared. We advise you take the following steps and we will be pleased to assist and advise at any point you require us:

Know how your BPS payment is reducing;

  • Enter a Countryside Stewardship Scheme if right for you;
  • Analyse your accounts and costs to benchmark ready to know how best to alter and make use of future possibilities;
  • Take your soil sampling to the next level to start to understand and know your current carbon position;
  • Measure your natural capital making use of some now mainstream/low cost ways to do this.
  • Let surplus buildings for alternative uses as there is now much more interest in this;
  • This week the Farming Equipment and Technology Fund: Round 1 opened. It is a simple and sensible scheme so please look at the list and if you were considering investing in any of these items this may help make it worthwhile. We will then be happy to assist in the application process prior to the deadline of 7th January 2022.

Do get in touch with Robert Bell and Company’s growing agricultural team, being Robert Bell, Kate Urry, Jess Spurrier or myself, to discuss further.


George R Harrison MRICS FAAV


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