Basic Payment Scheme. With the CAP reform details coming to light it is clear that there is little in the way of reform and instead just complexity!

Forward planning is going to be essential for all aspects from cropping to registering with the new online application system.  With this in mind, we are offering clients a free half hour appointment prior to October to discuss the implications.  Considering crops you will be drilling in the next few months will have to comply with the BPS rules we suggest you speak to us at your earliest convenience to arrange an appointment.


In particular your entitlements will continue but you should consider if you have surplus/deficit of these prior to October.  Any surplus could be lost, and should be sold prior to October.  We hope to be able to organise small transfers between clients at no cost to the Vendor.


The approach to Ecological Focus Areas (EFAs) and cropping will vary for each farm and may include measuring and mapping of hedges, agreeing whose boundary hedge is whose and this year’s cropping may also affect how you reach the EFA requirement.  EFA’s cropping and mapping should be considered early.


The registration on the online system is to require more details and we are advised that next year’s application will take time to set up and should not be left for a rainy day in early May!


We look forward to hearing from you to arrange an appointment and then tell you what details we require.


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