Vintage Motorcycles, Machinery etc - Branston

Date: Saturday 9th September 2017 at 10:00am

Location: Hillsboro, Moor Lane, Branston, Lincoln, LN4 1HZ (to be signed)

Viewing: Friday 8th September 12 noon - 4pm & Sale day from 8 am

Genuine dispersal sale of an interesting private collection

To include various motorcycles, vehicles, vintage horticultural machinery and stationary engines etc.....

Particulars available to download opposite and summarised below. 

PLEASE NOTE: we will be running two auctions simultaneously for a short period. Details available in the catalogue.


  • Buyers Premium: 10%+VAT (5%+VAT on the balance over £1,000/lot)

  • Payment: Cash, cheques, card

  • Parking: No parking on site; roadside and field parking will be signposted

  • Loading: Due to constraints of the site, no vehicles will be allowed on the sale ground until the auction has ended. A one-way system will be in place and loading will be controlled by our auction staff. A forklift will be available on site until 6pm to assist loading

  • Access!: Those attending from the North, please note it is Scampton Airshow this weekend, consequently there will be a number of road closures around the A15 north of Lincoln which will also affect several minor roads leading off this area. Details of road closures can be found here.

  • Refreshments: Sale day only

  • Bidding: By number; registration on Viewing and Sale Day, only

  • Commission Bidding: NO online/telephone bidding available (no signal); email bids may be submitted in accordance with the Conditions of Sale to up to 5pm Friday 8th September, afterwhich that email will not be monitored. We will acknowledge all email bids received - if you have not received confirmation please contact our Horncastle office, 01507 522222.


  • 1965 Land Rover Series II lwb (reg. MMD 882C)
  • 1970 Bedford TJ2 Motor Caravan (reg. PTL 834H)


  • 1943 Ariel W/NG 350cc army bike (reg. SMD 666) - Eng No.BH33233, Frame XG44230
  • 1959 Ariel Leader 250cc (reg. TET 602) - Eng No.T1243A, Frame T1243A
  • 1952 Mini motor cycle attachment 49cc (reg. FVL 149) - Eng No.33782
  • 1955 Lambretta LD 150, 150cc (reg. MCY 374) - Eng No.125807, Frame 121447
  • 1962 NSU Quickly 50cc (reg. TFE 636) - Eng No.1623665, Frame 953217
  • 1965 Greeves East Coaster 250cc - Project, in parts (reg. EPM 219C) - Eng No.353E1746, Frame 25DC381B
  • 1959 Francis Barnett, Light Cruiser 79 (reg. 838 FJO) - Eng No.17T3402, Frame AAD11283
  • 1959 Francis Barnett Cruiser 84 250cc (reg. BLV 92A) - Eng No.25T8417154, Frame AE13726
  • 1962 Francis Barnett Cruiser 80  (No V5)                                   ¨
  • 1963 Francis Barnett Fulmar 88 (reg. AAL 258A) - Eng No.V15T9567, Frame BGR1484
  • 1964 Francis Barnett Cruiser Twin 89 250cc (reg. ATL 86B) - Eng No.688E234, Frame FH17116W
  • 1964 Francis Barnett Falcon 87, 199cc (reg. BHK 599B) - Eng No.20T6121, Frame CF90898BW
  • 1963 Triumph Tina scooter, red (reg. CFP 904) - Eng No.17370, Frame 17370
  • 1963 James SuperSwift 250cc, blue (reg. 558 FWJ) - Eng No.300E13777, Frame F25S-162
  • 1975 Suzuki 183cc, blue (reg. NWP 488P) - Eng No.55997, Frame 47659
  • 1981 Honda 250N Superdream Deluxe 250cc, black (reg. VVL 32W) - Eng No.CB250NE-2209823, Frame JHMCB250N2209820
  • Late 1950's motorcycle (reg. 203 HAO) (No V5) - probably Francis Barnett
  • BSA Ariel 3 moped (No V5)
  • 1962 Francis Barnett Cruiser Twin 89 250cc, dismantled and without engine (reg. TVL 668)


  • 1934 Hillman Minx, black (reg. AXW 406)
  • 1976 Ford Cortina 2000E, gold (reg. PGC 616P)
  • 1981 Ford Granada 2.8 Ghia, black (reg. YOO 346X)
  • 1985 Ford Sierra XR4x4, white (reg. C650 LTV)
  • 1998 Ford Sierra XR4x4, white (reg. Q473 PVL)
  • plus 4 further 1980’s Sierras and a Cortina estate, for parts/restoration


  • 1942 Ruston & Hornsby Type PT 1.5hp
  • 1924 Ruston & Hornsby Model APR 2.5hp
  • 1919 Fairbanks Morse Model Z 1.5 hp
  • 1949 Petter Model W1H 1.5 hp

Crossley 1030; Maytag 92; Villiers Marvil; Villiers Marvil Century; Villiers Dynamo; 2 Ruston & Hornsby diesel engines, 5hp side; as new water pump; plus Lister D, Petter 5hp non-runner etc…


  • 2 Wheel Horse Raider 10 ride on mowers, (runner/non-runner)
  • Wheel Horse GT-14 automatic ride on mower,
  • 2 Wheel Horse 800 ride on mowers (runner/non-runner)

Westwood mower; Ransomes mowers; greens mower, 16” cut; Atco Standard 20” and 16” mowers; Flymo’s; other assorted mowers, mower decks, belts, spares etc….


  • Ransomes MG2 GC 116A blue single cylinder crawler, TS 30B plough, tool frame and 7 tines
  • Ransomes MG2 with various attachments incl. McConnel power arm
  • 1947 Bristol 10 crawler with Austin engine, serial no. 2641
  • Bristol 10 crawler with Morris engine
  • Ransomes MG5 with TS42A single fur plough, tool frame and 2 ridging bodies
  • Discs for Ransomes crawler


  • Gunsmiths Mk2 garden tractor, no implements
  • Garner 7 garden tractor, haulage model (restored)
  • Garner 2-wheel garden tractor (for restoration)
  • Garner 5 garden tractor, dismantled, for restoration


  • 1951 Colwood Hornet Motor Hoe, serial no. 12, restored
  • Colwood Model A Motor Hoe (gearbox needs attention)
  • British Simar 56 with plough, tool frame and 6 tines
  • British Simar 56 rototiller
  • 2 British Simar 35 rototillers (runner/non-runner)
  • 2 Clifford A1 rotavators
  • 2 Clifford Mk4 rotavators, JAP & BSA engines
  • 5 Howard Gem rotavators, 24” and 20”, Kohler, JAP & BJ engines
  • Howard Bantam 12” rotavator (no engine)
  • Howard 352 rotavator
  • Various other Howard Gems and spares
  • Merry Tiller Wolsey Major
  • Merry Tiller, Clinton engine
  • Merry Tiller, no engine
  • Monrotiller Series 2 (dismantled)
  • BMB Hoe Mate, BSA engine, with plough and tool frame
  • BMB Cult-Mate and plough
  • Trusty 5 rotavator with potato lifter and plough
  • Trusty 6 (non-runner) and self-lifting cultivator
  • Trusty Douglas engine with plough
  • Templar Tiller
  • British Anzani Iron Horse, JAP engine, transmission brake
  • 2 other British Anzani Iron Horses
  • Barford Atom single wheel
  • Barford Councillor scythe
  • Rowtrac 5 and plough
  • Landmaster L120 rotavator with plough attachment
  • Allen scythes………………………… assorted spares

Many Francis Barnett motorcycle spares; Smalley 360 digger; dumper truck; car trailer; box trailer; Cebora Tri Star 1635/M single phase welder and equipment; 2 further electric welders; bench mounted Minimax lawn mower grinding machine; Acra Milling/drilling machine; industrial lathe; bandsaw; turret lathe; Draper engine crane; Planet factory truck; blue pump on wheels; compressor tank; various tyres and wheels; cement mixers; garden roller; garden hand tools; ladders; metal garage door; angle iron; metal shelving; ramp irons; paraffin tank; petrol cans; model MK 2C sea helicopter…..


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